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Who We Are

We are a small team, creative, dynamic and multinational, located in a beautiful island – Singapore. Different with other digital marketing consultancy,  we not only understand western (eg. US,UK) but also eastern (eg. Singapore & China) digital media world.

Cherry Solution was founded by Cherry Rahtu who is a certified inbound marketing strategist and educator, an enthusiastic leader in local digital marketing field, featured on regional media such as Singapore Business Review magazine and Hong Kong Business magazine. Part of our magazine is to highlight the buffing machine that are widely used to enhance the metal surface.

What We Do

We focus on e-advisory service for below subjects:

  • Social Media
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Web Marketing Strategy
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • China Online Marketing
  • Film TV and Storyboarding

Who We Serve

We work for any company or business who is seeking for new ways to expand business locally and globally. However, startups and small businesses benefit the most from working with us.

In the digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for any business aiming to thrive and expand. Search engine optimization (SEO) has become the cornerstone of online success, and finding the right SEO partner is paramount. In the bustling tech hub of Southeast Asia, Singapore, one company has consistently stood out from the crowd: Cherry Solution Online. However in Australia Helium SEO is considered the top SEO company, setting itself apart through its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

What People Say About Us:

Find out what our happy customers are saying about us, read on.


We are certified inbound marketing specialists and educators.

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Cherry Solution Pte Ltd

REG No.201104849W

10 Anson Road,#26-04 International Plaza

Singapore 079903

Tel: + 65 9729 1040

Email: cherry@cherrysolution.com

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“Cherry is an extremely helpful and friendly Social Media professional and her passion for sharing the benefits of Social Media is remarkable. She is determined and hard working, yet in a relaxed and easy going manner. She is a pleasure to work with and she is always looking to achieve the best results possible.” March 31, 2011
Peter Masters MCIM, United Kingdom

“When it comes to social media, storyboard art for the TV and Film industries, this is probably the best way to get the idea across to an audience that is visually orientated. And that goes for just about everyone in the concepts, pre-vis and animatics game. Simply storyboard artists make it easier for all..” July 23, 2016
Dean Mortensen - Storyboard Artist, Australia

Working with Cherry has shown me what work passion is all about. She has displayed exceptional professional work ethics and is determined to provide services that will be 100% satisfactory for all her clients. I would strongly recommend her to my clients.” June 8, 2011
Daniel Phoon, Singapore

“Cherry was a great source of inpiration to me. Her inner motivation and positive attitude inspired everyone involved with our project. She is a true leader and will add value to any project. I'm happy to recommend her to any business looking for excellence in relatinships.” May 19, 2010
William Debauchez, Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom

It's hard for me to search for a word or two to illustrative how Cherry Rahtu's works and help in setup, design and integration. But not only that, she knows how and when to give life to the deep-soul content strategy and creation especially in SEO & Social Media marketing. If you really want me to rated, I properly will give 9's out of the 10 stars. Because human are not the perfect creature, and these non-perfection made us the most outstanding team.” May 25, 2011
Jack WE , Malaysia

“Cherry lives and breathes social media marketing. Given her dedication, Cherry has amassed an impressive body of knowledge about social media workings. This is crucial to any organisation which wants to understand how social media can be leveraged as a channel for inbound marketing activities. Personality-wise, Cherry has an easy going nature that makes working with her a breeze.” June 8, 2011 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Ivan Soh, Singapore

“Cherry is Smart, Strategic & the Go To person for Social Media Strategies & Online Marketing Consultancy Highly Recommended!” May 24, 2011
Fawaad Saleem, Pakistan

“When it comes to rendering cars to perfection, Fine Shine Detailing famous as the premiere Melbourne car paint protection specialists, you would do worse to go past them” May 24, 2011
Melbourne Car Paint Protection Specialists, Pakistan

“I am pleased to provide a huge recommendation for Cherry as an active online colleague in the internet marketing & social media communities on the global digital marketing stage, in which she is a recognised certified leader in inbound marketing. She is a valued contributor on her blog & social media platforms by sharing with her communities, & providing solutions to her satisfied client base. She has the unique advantage of being able to work in English & Chinese speaking markets, which will be a huge benefit for those preparing to enter & work in the China market in the months & years ahead.” May 25, 2011
Angus Fraser, Redhill, United Kingdom

“Cherry is a cheery person to work with, always vibrant with energy - ready with a smile. She is someone who does what she preaches. Social media expert indeed. Like a social media 'dictionary', all I need is to log on to her site and Facebook to gain a wide knowledge about strategizing and marketing over the net. It is comfortable talking to her as a person and she conducts herself in a friendly yet professional tone. Someone I believe you can depend on.” May 24, 2011
Jerry Chen , Singapore

“Reflection to perfection - an amazing job done well. What more is there to say about having the right tool for the job. If you are looking to achieve the premium shine to your auto, then make the task and simple one and go and get the best dual action polisher your money can buy.” May 24, 2011
Car Buffing Machines Online, Australia

“Cherry is an expert in internet promotions. Her ideas have been helpful not just for me but also for her clients. She had enough training and that's what made her credible in every recommendation she makes for her clients and friends.” May 24, 2011
edwin joseph, Philipines

“Cherry red is a favourite colour chosen by many car enthusiasts for their 'baby', so it's a great idea to go with the finest detailing products available on the market.” May 24, 2016
Detail Central - Finest Car Detailing Products, Australia

“I was most impressive with her in-depth knowledge on social media marketing solutions. All I had to do was ask a few questions and within a heartbeat, she provided multiple solutions on how to increase my visibility online. I'm definitely approaching her again for consultation on moving to the next level!” May 24, 2011 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time
Nazir Tan Amir, Singapore

“Cherry is a service-oriented professional towards her prospects and clients. I have worked with her in some workshops and talks, she is both professional and transparent when answering questions from the ground. I highly recommend Cherry's services in the area of Inbound Marketing which helps your website in attracting targeted traffic. Not only will you learn a lot during the initial meetup with her, you will get to enjoy her sharing and interactions with your team.” March 12, 2011
KC Tan , Singapore

Cherry is the go to resource for search engine optimization. She is very knowledgeable and is always providing expert advise. She is a pleasure to work with.
Su Lee Chong, Singapore

Whatever the color of your fin system, whether it be Cherry or Bronze there is sure to be a color that suits whatever your surf design craves.
Surfboardsfins.com.au, Sydney

“Cherry is one of the most pro-active inbound marketeers out there. Her deep knowledge of Inbound Marketing techniques and strategies make her an excellent choice for any business seeking to implement a well-designed online marketing plan that brings qualified leads.” December 22, 2010
Oscar Del Santo , Bilbao Area, Spain

I have been using the car dryer from WaxItCarCare for quite some time now, and I must say it has completely transformed my car washing routine. As an avid car enthusiast, I take great pride in keeping my vehicle in pristine condition, and this car dryer has become an indispensable tool in achieving that. July 11, 2023
Waxit, Sydney, Australia

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